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2022: a publishing-year in review (Episode 2)

Let’s continue the journey started in the previous article. Here is the second half of 2022 in review. July 9. Piatti, La Corsa (The Race), for cello and piano New month, and a new virtuoso piece by Piatti. This was written to celebrate the composer’s recovery from illness and surgery. He wrote this alongside Pioggia…

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Genesis of a Cover (Episode 3)

In the last two episodes (#1, #2) I walked you through the journey of creating the cover for my musical editions. We looked at variations on a linear concept in Episode 1, and at an evolution of geometrical shapes in Episode 2. Today, we are reaching our goal, with a dramatic shift in direction. Let’s…

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Genesis of a Cover (Episode 2)

In the previous episode, we analysed the first six design trials that brought to the genesis of the new cover for my editions. All of them were based on one or more lines positioned on the spread (that’s how we call two pages of an open book, for the non-initiated). Seeing how this design was…

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