Learning the C Programming Language as a Classical Musician

Episode 1 Introduction So yes, I am back with learning how to code, after more than 2 years of complete stop during which I have probably launched Xcode twice. Most of those of you who follow me on Twitter do so because of those more than 100 articles I wrote back then when I wasContinue reading “Learning the C Programming Language as a Classical Musician”

Is my ISP playing tricks on my iCloud Drive?

Today’s post is a more narrative rather than technical one. It takes its lead from my previous article on iCloud Drive, and wants to get a bit deeper, thanks also to Howard Oakley’s excellent article on what to do when everything seems to fail with your iCloud Drive. In my previous article I stated how,Continue reading “Is my ISP playing tricks on my iCloud Drive?”

Do not use “Documents & Desktop in the Cloud”

TL;DR: the title says it all: if you use iCloud Drive a lot—as I do—just do not store your Documents & Desktop folders in it, just don’t, it will only cause you troubles. Today’s article will take the place of the one I wanted to write yesterday, but I was blocked by this most annoyingContinue reading “Do not use “Documents & Desktop in the Cloud””

How to prevent an app from opening at launch in macOS

How many times have you restarted your Mac just to have it hang in some sort of limbo while it launched an indefinite number of apps? Granted, you may have voluntarily set some of those apps to launch at startup, or login, but that is not always the case. In this article, I will showContinue reading “How to prevent an app from opening at launch in macOS”