2022: a publishing-year in review (Episode 2)

Let’s continue the journey started in the previous article. Here is the second half of 2022 in review. July 9. Piatti, La Corsa (The Race), for cello and piano New month, and a new virtuoso piece by Piatti. This was written to celebrate the composer’s recovery from illness and surgery. He wrote this alongside PioggiaContinue reading “2022: a publishing-year in review (Episode 2)”

2022: a publishing-year in review (Episode 1)

At the beginning of 2022 I realised that if I wanted this publishing business to become anything more than a free-time pastime, I had to do change course, and decisively. I therefore resolved to challenge myself: I was to publish at least twelve editions in 2022, that is, one per month. If I failed, IContinue reading “2022: a publishing-year in review (Episode 1)”

NEW EDITION: Friedrich August Kummer – Huit Grandes Études for cello, op. 44

This article is an expanded version of the Editorial Notes that can be found in the published edition, available at this link. EDITORIAL NOTES There are authors in the music world who act like gravitation wells, like lost and faraway stars whose light seems to have all but disappeared from today’s skies. Back in 2009,Continue reading “NEW EDITION: Friedrich August Kummer – Huit Grandes Études for cello, op. 44”

Artistic Score Engraving — December 2022 Newsletter

Introduction Dear all, Welcome to the December 2022 edition of the Artistic Score Engraving newsletter. Here, in North-West Italy, it is cold, and I don’t mean outside, as that would be normal for this time of the year. It is cold inside, where we live. Our flat (and about most residential areas here) is connectedContinue reading “Artistic Score Engraving — December 2022 Newsletter”

Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 5

Here we are with the fifth and last arrangement of this publishing streak. I will keep publishing other Christmas Carols arrangements in the future, just not at this rhythm! Come, tune your heart Today’s song comes from an older text by Christian Fürchtegott Gellert (1715—1769), a German poet, and one of the forerunners of theContinue reading “Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 5”