Kummer – 8 Grand Studies, Op. 44—available in physical copy!

This was a great week, with two new editions available for physical purchase. But we would rather not stop there, do we? No, we don’t! That’s why I am proud to announce the availability of the first edition of the Dresden Cello School series as a physical copy. This edition covers the 8 Grand StudiesContinue reading “Kummer – 8 Grand Studies, Op. 44—available in physical copy!”

NEW EDITION: Friedrich August Kummer – Huit Grandes Études for cello, op. 44

This article is an expanded version of the Editorial Notes that can be found in the published edition, available at this link. EDITORIAL NOTES There are authors in the music world who act like gravitation wells, like lost and faraway stars whose light seems to have all but disappeared from today’s skies. Back in 2009,Continue reading “NEW EDITION: Friedrich August Kummer – Huit Grandes Études for cello, op. 44”

Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 5

Here we are with the fifth and last arrangement of this publishing streak. I will keep publishing other Christmas Carols arrangements in the future, just not at this rhythm! Come, tune your heart Today’s song comes from an older text by Christian Fürchtegott Gellert (1715—1769), a German poet, and one of the forerunners of theContinue reading “Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 5”

Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 4 (…and how I’m doing this!)

Today’s update on my Christmas Carols arrangement project will be somehow richer than the previous ones, since I want to share with you more about the process. Come, ye lofty First, let’s talk about today’s main character, the song Come, ye lofty. There is not too much information available on the context under which thisContinue reading “Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 4 (…and how I’m doing this!)”

Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 3

Today I had a bit more of time than usual to dedicate to my editions, and thus I could create the third episode of my Christmas Carols arrangement streak. A Virgin Unspotted The third title of this year’s Christmas Collection is A Virgin Unspotted. Two versions of the music exist, but I decided I preferredContinue reading “Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 3”