My Affiliations

If you want to help me while securing incredible tools for yourself, please be sure to use some of the following links. Occasional offers by the separate providers will also be found on this page.

Music Softwares

Any AVID software can be purchased from this link.
Sibelius, the leading music notation software and my software of choice for most works, can be purchased from this link.


Become a better musician today!

EarMaster is possibly the best ear-training software you will ever find around. I use it daily with my students in the classroom and all of them have access to their license for work-at-home. Through the great cloud portal I can monitor my students’ progress and plan upcoming lessons accordingly.
Please use this link to gain access to this incredible app, available on Windows/Mac, and on mobile both on iOS and Android. You will be able to either buy access to the app with a one-off payment, or subscribe either monthly or yearly. If you are a student and are part of a school institution, please consider sharing this link with your teacher, encouraging them to use EarMaster in their curriculum.
If you want to see it in action, please watch any of my dedicated videos on my YouTube channel.

Mac Software

Parallels is an incredible piece of software, especially Parallels Toolbox. Just click here to get started, being sure that you are supporting my work without paying an extra penny.

Programming Tools & Books

Hacking with Swift

My main programming teacher has been Paul Hudson and I definitely recommend his books. Here is a list of his books connected to links:

Big Mountain Studio

At this link you can access all Mark Moeykens’s books.

In particular:


Autonomous Desks & Chairs

I am a proud owner of an Autonomous Smart Desk and it has completely changed—for the better—my way of working! As someone who takes an incredible amount of care on his own posture, being able to alternate a sitting and a standing posture is fundamental.
Please give a look at the Autonomous store starting from this link to be sure to always get the best offer, all the while supporting my work in a positive and constructive way!

SecretLab Chairs

Hopefully coming soon!

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