The aim of my publications is to provide the greatest possible notation quality along with a deep respect for the musical source.

My focus is on pedagogical and instructional compositions, especially for cello — my instrument —, arranged or adapted to support students all around the world.

You can find my scores at the following page:


A complete catalogue of my publications (updated to March 2023) is available here:

Complete List of Available Scores by Instrumentation

Cello solo

Two cellos

Dotzauer, J. J. F. – Russian Air with 20 Variations, Op. 32 (promo video)

Dotzauer, J. J. F. – Twelve Original Pieces for Two Cellos, Op. 52 (Book 1) (promo video)

Dotzauer, J. J. F. – Twelve Original Pieces for two Cellos – Op. 58 (Book 2)

Dotzauer, J. J. F. – Twelve Original Pieces for Two Cellos – Op. 63 (Book 3) (promo video)

Dotzauer, J. J. F. – Twelve Pieces for two cellos, containing National Airs & Fugues, dedicated to beginners – Op. 156 (Book 4) (promo video)

Dotzauer, J. J. F. – Twenty-four Exercises for Two Cellos – Op. 159 (Book 5) (promo video)

Kummer, F. A. – Eight Grand Studies for Cello (with accompaniment of a Second Cello ad lib.) – Op. 44 (promo video)

Piatti, C. A. – Elegia sulla morte di Antonio Rubinstein (1894)

D. Popper — Gavotte op. 23 no. 2 (arr. M. Galvagno & S. Ribicki)

D. Popper — Wie einst in schöner’n Tagen – Op. 64 No. 1, for two cellos (arr. M. Galvagno)

Cello e basso

Cello and piano

Cello and string orchestra

Cello and orchestra

Cello ensemble

String quartet

Complete List of Books

Avid Sibelius

Steinberg Dorico Pro

Cello papers and researches

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