Learning Swift – Day 204

100 Days of Swift UI – Day 18 WeSplit – Part 3 Review SwiftUI allows no more than 10 child views inside each parent. If we want to add more we should place our views inside groups. Format specifiers let us control the way numbers are shown inside string interpolation. They use a rather datedContinue reading “Learning Swift – Day 204”

Learning Swift — Days 161 to 163

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 39: Unit testing with XCTest Introduction This is the last project of the series and the next step will be alternating between learning new stuff, consolidating already known one and polishing existing projects to the point where I can really publish them! I have some ideas but I willContinue reading “Learning Swift — Days 161 to 163”

Learning Swift — Days 157 to 160

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 38 GitHub Commits Introduction I apologise, this is the second to last project of Hacking with Swift. I still cannot believe I am slowly reaching the end of the first part of this great journey into the wonderful world of Swift. I have so many things in mind forContinue reading “Learning Swift — Days 157 to 160”

Learning Swift — Days 155 to 156

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 37 Psychic Tester Introduction This is the second to last project in the book. There is so much to learn and I cannot say I could complete all of those challenges but hey, I will one day! I just feel like going on and learn new things! This projectContinue reading “Learning Swift — Days 155 to 156”

Learning Swift — Day 152 to 154

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 36 Crashy Plane Setting up Create a new Xcode project based on the Game template, select SpriteKit as language and call it “Crashy Plane”, then save it somewhere sensible! We are going back to SpriteKit, aren’t you incredibly excited?! Creating a player: resizeFill vs aspectFill Delete the Actions.sks fileContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 152 to 154”