Learning Swift — Days 155 to 156

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 37 Psychic Tester Introduction This is the second to last project in the book. There is so much to learn and I cannot say I could complete all of those challenges but hey, I will one day! I just feel like going on and learn new things! This projectContinue reading “Learning Swift — Days 155 to 156”

Learning Swift — Day 152 to 154

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 36 Crashy Plane Setting up Create a new Xcode project based on the Game template, select SpriteKit as language and call it “Crashy Plane”, then save it somewhere sensible! We are going back to SpriteKit, aren’t you incredibly excited?! Creating a player: resizeFill vs aspectFill Delete the Actions.sks fileContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 152 to 154”

Learning Swift — Day 147 to 149

Hacking with Swift: learning project 34, Four in a Row Setting up Create a new Xcode project, call it “Four in a row” and save it somewhere sensible. Set its deployment info to use only iPad and to be only in Landscape orientation. Creating the interface with UIStackView Open Main.storyboard, select the view controller andContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 147 to 149”

Learning Swift — Day 102-3

I’ve just come back from my trip and will try today to face the challenges for Project 29. I highly doubt I will manage to complete them as I am dog tired after more than 16 hours of travelling over two days and a huge amount of work to do but I will do myContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 102-3”

Learning Swift – Day 101

Reflections on these first 100 days of learning What a mighty journey it has been, and this is just the first stop! From now onward I will just tag my learning as simply “Learning Swift” while the day-count will get going on. My next goal is to see how many days I can put togetherContinue reading “Learning Swift – Day 101”