Learning Swift — Day 106

Recap and reflections on Days 104-5 I could not find the time to write anything yesterday but, as usual, I take my Sunday(s) off if I can — no religious matter, just in a deeply religious country you have to choose the same day when the other people stop! Day 104 was a great oneContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 106”

Learning Swift — Day 102-3

I’ve just come back from my trip and will try today to face the challenges for Project 29. I highly doubt I will manage to complete them as I am dog tired after more than 16 hours of travelling over two days and a huge amount of work to do but I will do myContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 102-3”

Learning Swift – Day 101

Reflections on these first 100 days of learning What a mighty journey it has been, and this is just the first stop! From now onward I will just tag my learning as simply “Learning Swift” while the day-count will get going on. My next goal is to see how many days I can put togetherContinue reading “Learning Swift – Day 101”