Last Week on My Mac: Still struggling with snapshots

Originally posted on The Eclectic Light Company:
It’s strange to think that most of us have now been using APFS for well over four years, but it still surprises and baffles us. Much of this week I’ve been looking at snapshots, one way or another, whether they’re the vanilla variety which live alongside the volume…

Goltermann 4’s arrangement for string orchestra available now!

Just a very quick post to underline this achievement I am so proud of. After many months of tinkering, the new arrangement of Goltermann‘s fourth concerto for cello and orchestra is now available for cello and string orchestra. This is no mere reduction, but a true re-arrangement to make the whole orchestral material available forContinue reading “Goltermann 4’s arrangement for string orchestra available now!”

Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 2

This comes from the 100 Days of Swift initiative created by Paul Hudson (@twostraws on Twitter) (find the project here). I am doing my best to follow the challenge but having no respite is really hard, especially when I am out of home all day. This article is being written at the end of DayContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 2”