Last Week on My Mac: Still struggling with snapshots

A must read for every macOS user.
We definitely need more documentation, but can we as users write it in Apple’s stead?
I wish we could…

The Eclectic Light Company

It’s strange to think that most of us have now been using APFS for well over four years, but it still surprises and baffles us. Much of this week I’ve been looking at snapshots, one way or another, whether they’re the vanilla variety which live alongside the volume they’ve captured, or those cunningly created as backups by Time Machine.

It all started with what should have been a simple question which we’ve now learned not to ask unless we’re desperate: where did all the free space go on that disk? Last night, there was around 120 GB free, but this morning it’s down to less than 30 GB. What was that MacBook Pro up to in its sleep?


The last place to look, of course, is the Storage view in About This Mac, which as usual just writes off most of that disk to “System Data”, saying that it’s…

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