Solving Animations challenges with SwiftUI

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 34 Learning Swift Day 219 Let’s start with the Review for project 6. We can use multiple animation() modifiers on a single view. Using several animation modifiers lets us animate a view’s state in different ways. The blur() modifier applies a Gaussian blur to a view, using a radiusContinue reading “Solving Animations challenges with SwiftUI”

Building an anagram game with Swift UI

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 30 – Learning Swift Day 216 Adding to a list of words Inside ContentView.swift create three @State private variable properties, an empty array of Strings and two empty Strings. Inside the body property create a NavigationView, with a VStack inside it. Give it a TextField with a placeholder textContinue reading “Building an anagram game with Swift UI”

Getting to know SwiftUI – part 2

Learning Swift – Day 209-210 100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 23, second round Yesterday we started to look at views and modifiers. Today we continue down this path. Why modifier order matters It seems that applying a modifier to a SwiftUI view creates an entirely new view (bah…!). If we write this: …which, byContinue reading “Getting to know SwiftUI – part 2”

Learning Swift – Day 205 to 207

Day 205 100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 19 This day was dedicated to creating our own app from scratch in the form of a Unit Converter. I have some plans on writing about that so I didn’t create a blog post about it yet. Stay tuned for news. Day 206 100 Days of SwiftUIContinue reading “Learning Swift – Day 205 to 207”

Learning Swift – Day 204

100 Days of Swift UI – Day 18 WeSplit – Part 3 Review SwiftUI allows no more than 10 child views inside each parent. If we want to add more we should place our views inside groups. Format specifiers let us control the way numbers are shown inside string interpolation. They use a rather datedContinue reading “Learning Swift – Day 204”