Solving Animations challenges with SwiftUI

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 34 Learning Swift Day 219 Let’s start with the Review for project 6. We can use multiple animation() modifiers on a single view. Using several animation modifiers lets us animate a view’s state in different ways. The blur() modifier applies a Gaussian blur to a view, using a radiusContinue reading “Solving Animations challenges with SwiftUI”

Learning Animations with SwiftUI

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 32 Learning Swift Day 217 Create a new Single View application, name it “Animations” and save it somewhere sensible. During this process I learned that even if my master folder for the 100 Days of SwiftUI is already under source control, I could put my project under source controlContinue reading “Learning Animations with SwiftUI”

Building an anagram game with Swift UI

100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 30 – Learning Swift Day 216 Adding to a list of words Inside ContentView.swift create three @State private variable properties, an empty array of Strings and two empty Strings. Inside the body property create a NavigationView, with a VStack inside it. Give it a TextField with a placeholder textContinue reading “Building an anagram game with Swift UI”

Recovering from a crazy week!

I have just recovered my MacBook Pro from the Apple Store where they replaced keyboard and battery. I was able to practice a bit of SwiftUI this week but not too much as I have also received a huge work to complete in a very short timeframe. My day count got, yesterday, to 215 daysContinue reading “Recovering from a crazy week!”

Getting to know SwiftUI – part 2

Learning Swift – Day 209-210 100 Days of SwiftUI – Day 23, second round Yesterday we started to look at views and modifiers. Today we continue down this path. Why modifier order matters It seems that applying a modifier to a SwiftUI view creates an entirely new view (bah…!). If we write this: …which, byContinue reading “Getting to know SwiftUI – part 2”