Learning Swift — Days 134 to 135

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 31 After a good pause where I feel I have almost forgotten everything, it is time to go on and finish this book, before going back, reviewing it all and creating my coding snippets library so that, when my memory will fail, and it will fail, I will knowContinue reading “Learning Swift — Days 134 to 135”

Learning Swift — Day 107

Day 107 — starting with it. Basic start As Paul said, let’s start simple and build something that we are sure it is working, then move on from there. I will write down all of the passages so that it is easy to follow. The first iteration of the project is an emoji concentration cardContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 107”

Learning Swift — Day 106

Recap and reflections on Days 104-5 I could not find the time to write anything yesterday but, as usual, I take my Sunday(s) off if I can — no religious matter, just in a deeply religious country you have to choose the same day when the other people stop! Day 104 was a great oneContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 106”

Learning Swift — Day 104

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 30 This project will be about learning how to use Instruments for the first time and to debug performance issues. Let’s dive in. Setting up Today we are going to learn about profiling. Profiling is the term used when we monitor performance, memory usage and other information of anContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 104”

Learning Swift — Day 102-3

I’ve just come back from my trip and will try today to face the challenges for Project 29. I highly doubt I will manage to complete them as I am dog tired after more than 16 hours of travelling over two days and a huge amount of work to do but I will do myContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 102-3”