Learning Swift — Day 150 to 151

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 35 Random Numbers Setting up Create a new iOS playground and call it “Random Numbers”. Save it somewhere sensible. Generating random numbers without GameplayKit This is how modern Swift (post 4.2) manages it: Old-fashioned randomness The arc4random() function returns numbers between 0 and 4.294.967.295 … To generate a randomContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 150 to 151”

Learning Swift — Day 147 to 149

Hacking with Swift: learning project 34, Four in a Row Setting up Create a new Xcode project, call it “Four in a row” and save it somewhere sensible. Set its deployment info to use only iPad and to be only in Landscape orientation. Creating the interface with UIStackView Open Main.storyboard, select the view controller andContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 147 to 149”

Learning Swift — Day 145 to 147

Hacking with Swift: facing Project 33’s challenges Recap This was truly a huge project and even if some things do not work as intended (and, sincerely, the teaching material was not thorough enough on the CloudKit dashboard…) I still learned a lot of things. Would I be able to reproduce this project alone blindfolded? AbsolutelyContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 145 to 147”

Learning Swift — Days 138 to 144

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 33 Still at the airport, checking starting in about one hour and a half so I still have some time to practice some coding. Project 33 is about building a crowd-sourced song recognition app using Apple’s free platform as a service: CloudKit. Is this something like … Shazam?! So,Continue reading “Learning Swift — Days 138 to 144”

Learning Swift — Days 136 to 137

Hacking with Swift — Learning Project 32 Today’s project is about adding our app’s content to Spotlight in iOS and take advantage of Safari integration. Setting up Create a new Single View App Xcode Project, call it “Swift Searcher” and save it somewhere sensible. Automatically resizing UITableViewCells with Dynamic Type and NSAttributedString Let’s refresh ourContinue reading “Learning Swift — Days 136 to 137”