Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 7

So, what is the best way not to lose your work? Save it before you publish right? I have decided to try a new tool (new for me at least) for managing all of my writing even if it will be a paid tool. I am now writing my articles using Ulysses for the nextContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 7”

Hacking with Swift — Challenge 6

I really hope this time the article will be saved somewhere. I will also maintain local copies of it from now henceforth. Review Before we face our challenge we need to review what was learned in this project. Specifically: We can force our app to run only in specific orientations. This is done in ProjectContinue reading “Hacking with Swift — Challenge 6”

Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 6

I am quite late in my schedule because I had this trip in the middle which screwed up my timetables! But today I should manage to catch up—I hope. The first part of this article is exactly the one I wrote from Turin’s airport in the night between the 2nd and the 3rd of March. Continue reading “Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 6”

Hacking with Swift – Challenge 5

I will have to be as concise as possible today (and in the next two days) because I am travelling abroad for a ten-day  and even if I will for sure be able to dedicate my daily hour to Swift I would probably not be able to write and especially publish my report until aContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Challenge 5”