Hacking with Swift – Challenge 11

Time for another challenge! This is Day 51 for me and I will tackle Day 47 from Paul Hudson’s 100 Days of Swift initiative. I will keep trying to catch up as much as possibly but with every project becoming longer and each challenge getting…well, more challenging, it gets quite hard! I will also tryContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Challenge 11”

Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 11

Welcome to Day 49&50 of my 100 Days of Swift challenge path report! Today I will be learning Project 11 from the Hacking with Swift initiative by Paul Hudson (Day 45 to 46 + challenges on Day 47). After reading the introduction to this project one cannot help to smile because when Paul warns usContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 11”

Hacking with Swift – Challenge 10

Welcome to my Day 48 report for the 100 Days of Swift initiative! I will be tackling Day 44’s program in my ongoing attempt to catch up on the last days. Here is what we learned in Day 43: Collection Views, an alternative to Table Views when we want to display data in grids insteadContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Challenge 10”