Hacking with Swift – Challenge 9

I am starting to to this today even if I have already coded quite a lot. Tomorrow I have the flight back home at 4am and then a whole day of passion at the Apple Store in Torino to hopefully quickly fix my iPhone’s camera and see if something is wrong with my Mac orContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Challenge 9”

Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 9

It seems that with this project we are going to start doing serious things! Not that before was easy or anything like that but now we are going to begin unlocking the true power of our devices. We are going back to project 7 (the Whitehouse petition collector) to solve its main issue, that isContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 9”

Hacking with Swift – Challenge 8

Review Time for a new challenge but first, let’s review what we have learned in this huge lesson: The placeholder text for a UILabel is shown in gray when the text field is empty. Using UIFont.systemFont(ofSize:) ensures our app uses the default system font for iOS (which will keep us safe for future versions asContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Challenge 8”

Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 8

These last two days have been particularly heavy. My iPhone XS fell and the camera broke and, sincerely, I am not trusting the Serbian Apple Premium Resellers since I will be back to Italy on Wednesday. Then, yesterday morning, my external LaCie P9227, formatted with half a TB dedicated to TimeMachine and 1.5TB dedicated toContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 8”

Hacking with Swift – Challenge 7

I know, I am at least one day late, but here in Belgrade there is so much to do—beside going to the dentist!— that it is really difficult to find the time! Anyway… Today is challenge day for the 7th project! First, though, let’s review all the awesome things we learned: JSON decoding using Swift’sContinue reading “Hacking with Swift – Challenge 7”