100 Days of Swift – Day 92

New day, new journey! Today is the turn of a technique project! I was in a big hurry yesterday and today is not looking any better. It is 2.35pm as I’m starting to write this entry in the diary-blog and I feel as if everything is tremendously late! Reflections on Day 91 Yesterday’s project wasContinue reading “100 Days of Swift – Day 92”

100 Days of Swift – Day 91

Introduction Today I am not in a hurry … I am the hurrying! I have so little time it is causing my head to turn so forgive me if I will skip the report from yesterday’s feeling and try to dive straight into the challenges… Review for Project 26 Here is what we learnt inContinue reading “100 Days of Swift – Day 91”

100 Days of Swift – Day 90

Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 26 After the great and most productive day that was yesterday I will have a very hard time replicating it today as I spent all the morning at the passport office for renewal … I arrived at 9am, exactly when the office opens and … I have 43 peopleContinue reading “100 Days of Swift – Day 90”

100 Days of Swift – Day 89

Hacking with Swift – Learning Project 25 Our goal in today’s app is to learn about peer-to-peer networking so, without much further ado, let’s get started! Setting up By now this is fairly simple: we need to create a new Single View iOS app, call it Selfie share and create it in a sensible position.Continue reading “100 Days of Swift – Day 89”

100 Days of Swift – Day 88

Reflections on Day 87 I really loved yesterday as a learning day! Strings are such a wonderful topic and the Documentation is really precise on that! The challenges were easy but very interesting. The true challenge was how to make them absurdly simple, which took me a bit longer than what I would have liked,Continue reading “100 Days of Swift – Day 88”