100 Days of Swift – Day 98-99

Reflections on Day 97 Yesterday was a really awful day. So many things happened in real-life that crying was the least thing one could do. Despair, rage, all together … it was so, so heavy. Then around 6pm I started facing the Consolidation Day and, if you followed me, you know I finished around 1amContinue reading “100 Days of Swift – Day 98-99”

100 Days of Swift – Day 93—96

Reflections on Day 92 I loved yesterday’s program, Core Graphics is really something I feel very near to what I want to do. It is very complex, but mathematics was my high school love and I hope I will one day find the time to get back my skills which—at the time—where very high. WhenContinue reading “100 Days of Swift – Day 93—96”

100 Days of Swift – Day 92

New day, new journey! Today is the turn of a technique project! I was in a big hurry yesterday and today is not looking any better. It is 2.35pm as I’m starting to write this entry in the diary-blog and I feel as if everything is tremendously late! Reflections on Day 91 Yesterday’s project wasContinue reading “100 Days of Swift – Day 92”