Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 4 (…and how I’m doing this!)

Today’s update on my Christmas Carols arrangement project will be somehow richer than the previous ones, since I want to share with you more about the process. Come, ye lofty First, let’s talk about today’s main character, the song Come, ye lofty. There is not too much information available on the context under which thisContinue reading “Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 4 (…and how I’m doing this!)”

Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 3

Today I had a bit more of time than usual to dedicate to my editions, and thus I could create the third episode of my Christmas Carols arrangement streak. A Virgin Unspotted The third title of this year’s Christmas Collection is A Virgin Unspotted. Two versions of the music exist, but I decided I preferredContinue reading “Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 3”

Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 2

Here we come with the second episode of my Christmas Carols arrangement streak. It took me longer than expected to prepare the second song for a simple reason: the contacts I gathered for starting to print and distribute my scores started to answer positively! It’s going to happen! This means that, some time during 2023,Continue reading “Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 2”

Christmas Carols – Ep. 1 (2022)

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen As mentioned in my November 2022 newsletter, I am dedicating the best part of this month to Christmas Carols. A big book on them will come hopefully in 2023, but the first 10 songs will be published for this Christmas. The first one is a title that is already presentContinue reading “Christmas Carols – Ep. 1 (2022)”

Artistic Score Engraving — November 2022 Newsletter

Intro Dear all, Welcome to the November 2022 edition of the Artistic Score Engraving newsletter. This month has just flown away, with so many things happening. On the 16th of October, my birthday passed, so the two middle weeks of the month were stressful because of how I had to celebrate with the parts ofContinue reading “Artistic Score Engraving — November 2022 Newsletter”