Boccherini finally available in printed hard copy!

The title of this brief post says it all: the distributor has finally received the package containing the first printing run of Boccherini’s Sonata! Everything is now set up if you want to purchase it as a physical copy. Let me walk you through the process of purchasing a physical copy of this piece: asContinue reading “Boccherini finally available in printed hard copy!”

Artistic Score Engraving — December 2022 Newsletter

Introduction Dear all, Welcome to the December 2022 edition of the Artistic Score Engraving newsletter. Here, in North-West Italy, it is cold, and I don’t mean outside, as that would be normal for this time of the year. It is cold inside, where we live. Our flat (and about most residential areas here) is connectedContinue reading “Artistic Score Engraving — December 2022 Newsletter”

Boccherini is back!

After almost two years of researches and hard work, I can finally say it: Boccherini is back! It was mid-2019 when I first saw the video of Thibaut Reznicek playing a piece simply called “Sonata en Si bemol” by Luigi Boccherini. Fascinated by his (and his partners’) playing, I contacted him to congratulate myself onContinue reading “Boccherini is back!”