Learning Swift – Day 203

100 Days of Swift UI – Day 17 WeSplit – Part 2 Reading text from the user with TextField Now that we have a clean slate to work on, add three @State properties, an empty String called checkAmount, and two Integer properties, numberOfPeople and tipPercentage initialised to 2. We need to use strings for TextField,Continue reading “Learning Swift – Day 203”

Learning Swift – Day 202

Daniel Steinberg Workshop: Bringing SwiftUI to your app Live from Pragma Conference, Bologna, 9 October 2019 Registration done, now waiting for the workshop to start. Daniel Steinberg just got on stage! Here are some of the key aspects of today! In Swift 5 if you have a function that has only one statement, we canContinue reading “Learning Swift – Day 202”

Learning Swift – Day 201

Reviewing closures, polymorphism, access control, static properties/methods 100 Days of SwiftUI — Day 15 I am getting ready for Bologna! I will leave tomorrow to get comfortable one day before as the workshop with Daniel Steinberg will start already at 9am, with registration from 8am! So, let’s start with the review, which you can findContinue reading “Learning Swift – Day 201”