New publication for cello!

David Popper – Gavotte n° 2 op. 23

It’s with great pleasure that I announce here to you a great update to one of our existing scores, a cello and string orchestra arrangement of the Gavotte n° 2 op. 23 original for cello and piano by David Popper (1843—1913).

We published the previous version of this piece, the arrangement for two cellos, already last year but while many of you liked it the most requested feature was an easier version of the second cello part. While the one provided was far from being impossible, it required either the teacher or a quite advanced student to be performed.

To our rescue came Ms. Susanne Ribicki-Varga, daughter of the almighty violinist Tibor Varga who, in her almost 40 years of teaching career, had produced a plethora of arrangements of our repertoire for two cellos, to use mainly in the classroom but, why not, also in the concert hall.

She was wonderfully kind in allowing us to add her version to our published edition and you can find everything about this version here. And here is a taste of the first page of the new version, which was published on the 12th of May 2020.

First page of the score for two cellos, with the easier second cello part.
First page of the score for two cellos, with the easier second cello part.

But it was not over yet, as Ms. Ribicki-Varga has another surprise brewing, as she had made a string orchestra arrangement to be played in musical campuses. She proposed that we add this to the mix and so, after a couple of weeks of copying, cleaning and adapting the piano part more fully among the strings (along with adding a double-bass which was lacking in the original version), the results are here!

We created a mockup score in video format which you can find here on YouTube using the NotePerformer audio engine for Sibelius. Sure, it is not as if the soloist and the orchestra were really there but, for starters, it is pretty good!

YouTube video of Sibelius with NotePerformer.

So now the score and parts for the cello and string orchestra version are available for purchase on Gumroad, ScoreExchange and SheetMusicPlus, while we wait for a bit of a calmer time in order to expand our presence online with other distributors.

You can find a few sample pages and all the links in the brochure I created earlier today to celebrate the publication of this marvellous piece!

Please let us know what you think of it! We are sure you are going to love it!

Thank you for reading!

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Anyways, thank you so much for reading!

Till the next one!

Published by Michele Galvagno

Professional Musical Scores Designer and Engraver Graduated Classical Musician (cello) and Teacher Tech Enthusiast and Apprentice iOS / macOS Developer Grafico di Partiture Musicali Professionista Musicista classico diplomato (violoncello) ed insegnante Appassionato di tecnologia ed apprendista Sviluppatore iOS / macOS

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