Christmas Carols 2022 — ep. 5

Here we are with the fifth and last arrangement of this publishing streak. I will keep publishing other Christmas Carols arrangements in the future, just not at this rhythm!

Come, tune your heart

Today’s song comes from an older text by Christian Fürchtegott Gellert (1715—1769), a German poet, and one of the forerunners of the golden age of German literature. This text was later translated by Frances Elizabeth Cox (1812—1897) and set into music by Rev. Sir F. A. G. Ouseley (1825—1889). The Stainer & Bramley carols collection “Christmas Carols Old & New” is just one of the books where this ended up.

As explained in yesterday’s article, the process of arranging this song started from the original SATB version, evolved into a Voice and Piano one, and gave rise to a String Quartet and Cello Quartet arrangements.

For this specific song, the creation of the string versions was easier than expected and I got inspired into creating some syncopated rhythms in the accompanying voices. The Voice and Piano, instead, was quite challenging because of the old-choral style of the song. I strived to keep the voicing as close to the original as possible, enriching a few chords here and there were my ear suggested.

Where to find this?

This song, all others currently available, and all those I will make in the future, are available here, organised by instrumentation:

What’s next?

As explained in episode 4, I will now be concentrating on another edition, then prepare an old one for print, then arrange another Christmas Carol. Keeping busy!

Bottom Line

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That’s it for today!


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