Kummer – 8 Grand Studies, Op. 44—available in physical copy!

This was a great week, with two new editions available for physical purchase. But we would rather not stop there, do we? No, we don’t! That’s why I am proud to announce the availability of the first edition of the Dresden Cello School series as a physical copy.

This edition covers the 8 Grand Studies for cello (with optional—but advised!—accompaniment by a second cello), composed by Friedrich August Kummer (1797—1879). If you would like to learn more about these pieces, please head over to this article.

How to get your copy?

First things first: head over to ASE’s Gumroad storefront for this piece. There, you will be greeted by a page like this one:

If you want a digital copy, go no further and simply choose between Original and Collector’s Edition version, then click on the “I want this!” button.

If you, instead, want a physical copy, click on the link highlighted by the text “proceed here to the HNE Store”. You will be brought to the HNE storefront and will be able to complete your purchase there. They are our exclusive dealer and have excellent shipping rates worldwide!

Previous articles described how to create your account on their website and how to proceed to checkout and payment. In this digital age, we should all be accustomed to this, but it never hurts helping a bit, right?

Sneak peek!


Here is a short gallery of pictures of what you will be receiving. I hope it will find it appealing.

Promotional video

Do you want to hear how these pieces sound? Head over here, on YouTube:

Thank you to everyone who made this possible, especially to you, my dear readers. Many more editions are coming, so be sure to stay tuned.

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That’s it for today, thank you.


Published by Michele Galvagno

Professional Musical Scores Designer and Engraver Graduated Classical Musician (cello) and Teacher Tech Enthusiast and Apprentice iOS / macOS Developer Grafico di Partiture Musicali Professionista Musicista classico diplomato (violoncello) ed insegnante Appassionato di tecnologia ed apprendista Sviluppatore iOS / macOS

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