Online Cello Lessons now available!

I have finally decided to try this out: I will offer cello lessons with me online! Let me quickly present this to you. Here are three main questions: If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you’ve come to the right place! With more than 10 years of teaching experience, and aContinue reading “Online Cello Lessons now available!”

Artistic Score Engraving — September 2022 Newsletter

Dear all, Welcome to a new episode of Let’s cook together! … no, sorry, wrong start! Welcome to the September 2022 edition of the Artistic Score Engraving newsletter! I wrote this while spending my last days in Belgrade, Serbia, but you will receive this on September 1st when I should have settled back in ourContinue reading “Artistic Score Engraving — September 2022 Newsletter”

Announcing the new MUSIC NOTATION PROOFREADING service

My journey through music notation My journey into music notation is a long and fascinating one. It starts all the way back around the turn of the millennium when, as a young cellist, I was practicing from a certain edition from a certain publisher whom I will keep unnamed. I was deeply dissatisfied with theContinue reading “Announcing the new MUSIC NOTATION PROOFREADING service”

Artistic Score Engraving — August 2022 Newsletter

Dear all, A warm welcome to this August 2022 edition of the Artistic Score Engraving newsletter from Belgrade, Serbia! I hope you are all having a great time wherever you are in the world and that you are ready for a snow-slide of musical news. We reached Belgrade on the 5th of July, with aContinue reading “Artistic Score Engraving — August 2022 Newsletter”

Artistic Score Engraving — July 2022 Newsletter

Dear all, Welcome to the July 2022 edition of the Artistic Score Engraving newsletter. I hope you are surviving this scorching summer in the austral hemisphere or enjoying a cool winter in the boreal one! I am having a hard time doing anything when it becomes hot, in general, but this year, starting from theContinue reading “Artistic Score Engraving — July 2022 Newsletter”