Music Notation Lessons now available!

Music Notation for me is not just a work, a form of art, or a form of expression. Music Notation for me is a mission! Ever since notational softwares took the stage at the end of the last century, writing music has been in reach to so many more people. Before that, one either wroteContinue reading “Music Notation Lessons now available!”

New Edition: Piatti “La Corsa” for cello and piano

Having the honour of curating the complete re-edition of Carlo Alfredo Piatti’s compositions (1822—1901) is, for a cellist, the dream of a lifetime. During the ordinary course of Italian academic studies, his Capriccios (op. 25) for solo cello occupy several years of study, while the benefits they bring to one’s virtuoso technique and expression neverContinue reading “New Edition: Piatti “La Corsa” for cello and piano”

Artistic Score Engraving — April Newsletter

Dear all, We are here, one month later, with some glimpse of peace in a hopefully not too far future, even if it is hard to fathom all the consequences these events will bring on our lives. My warmest thoughts go to all those suffering, in every corner of the world, especially to those painfullyContinue reading “Artistic Score Engraving — April Newsletter”

How to create tuplets in Sibelius (Pro appendix)

Today I will be very brief as this is something I could have covered in the first episode but, in reality, it is not something you cannot live without. I am talking about the Engraving Rules you have for tuplets in Sibelius. Let’s get started. The Engraving Rules window Please open the Engraving Rules windowContinue reading “How to create tuplets in Sibelius (Pro appendix)”

How to create tuplets in Sibelius (Part 1)

In these series of articles, I will list all possible ways to create irregular groups of notes (in notational language known as “tuplets”) in Sibelius, from the easiest to the most complex way. For reference, I will be using Sibelius Ultimate version 2021.2. What I am about to show should be working fine with theContinue reading “How to create tuplets in Sibelius (Part 1)”