Artistic Score Engraving — July 2022 Newsletter

Dear all, Welcome to the July 2022 edition of the Artistic Score Engraving newsletter. I hope you are surviving this scorching summer in the austral hemisphere or enjoying a cool winter in the boreal one! I am having a hard time doing anything when it becomes hot, in general, but this year, starting from theContinue reading “Artistic Score Engraving — July 2022 Newsletter”

New Edition: Piatti’s Elegy for A. Rubinstein

The Elegy on the death of Anton Rubinstein for two cellos, composed by Carlo Alfredo Piatti (1822—1901) on November 22, 1894, just two weeks after the Russian master’s passing, is the second publication of this year where we celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of the cellist and composer from Bergamo. This edition faithfully reflectsContinue reading “New Edition: Piatti’s Elegy for A. Rubinstein”

Dotzauer Project: announcing the Twenty-four Exercises for two cellos, Op. 159

This article is an expanded and enriched version of the Editorial Notes you will find in the published edition, which you can find here. A promotional video can be watched here below: Producing this edition Hunting for the source Preparing this second instalment of my complete Dotzauer republishing project was much harder than I initiallyContinue reading “Dotzauer Project: announcing the Twenty-four Exercises for two cellos, Op. 159”

Artistic Score Engraving — April Newsletter

Dear all, We are here, one month later, with some glimpse of peace in a hopefully not too far future, even if it is hard to fathom all the consequences these events will bring on our lives. My warmest thoughts go to all those suffering, in every corner of the world, especially to those painfullyContinue reading “Artistic Score Engraving — April Newsletter”

Dotzauer Project: a deep dive on the Twelve Pieces, Op. 58

Foreword It was a rainy day in early 2012, in Sion, south-west Switzerland. Few months had passed since my forced decision of abandoning my studies there with my cello teacher, Prof. Marcio Carneiro, shortly after completing my Bachelor of Music path. The Euro currency had dramatically fallen, and my parents had decided not to economicallyContinue reading “Dotzauer Project: a deep dive on the Twelve Pieces, Op. 58”