Learning Swift — Day 180 to 198

AP Computer Science Principles with Swift Unit 4. App building Introduction In this unit we will build several apps and, if we encounter problems, we are encouraged to look online to see if other people may have encountered the same issue. We are then warned not to copy the found solution but to understand itContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 180 to 198”

Learning Swift — Days 170 to 179

AP Computer Science Principles with Swift Unit 3. Algorithms Introduction Day 170 An algorithm is a set of instructions for accomplishing a task. An algorithm is characterised by three processed: sequencing, selection and iteration. Sequencing Sequencing is the process through which a computer processes lines of code, going from top to bottom and executing eachContinue reading “Learning Swift — Days 170 to 179”

Learning Swift — Day 166 to 169

AP Computer Science Principles with Swift Unit 2: Functions and Abstractions CONCEPTS Procedural Abstraction The key feature of abstraction is to hide, or encapsulate, the details of how something works. Each level of abstraction is dependent on and encapsulates the ones underneath it, but each of the tasks included in them can be developed andContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 166 to 169”

Learning Swift — Day 165

AP Computer Science Principles with Swift 1.4 Playground Basics This will be a good, and hopefully quick, review. We should open the “PlaygroundBasics.playground” file and complete it. The first 6 pages were almost ridiculously easy and at the same time filled with that Apple prosaic rhetoric that you either love or loathe! The only interestingContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 165”

Learning Swift — Day 164

Moving on after Hacking with Swift AP Computer Science Principles with Swift The learning part of this new journey starts here with this just released book by Apple. I will start it and, if it proves to be bad I will just drop it but I am too curious to let it slip and, mostContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 164”