Learning Swift — Day 226-7(240-1)

Some more Xcode in 20 seconds Multiple cursors: hold Option and drag to select multiple pieces of text, then write something you want in its place as now there will be multiple cursors. View Debugging : select a view and hit Cmd-Shift-D to highlight the view in the navigator. Timing test: go to the ReportContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 226-7(240-1)”

Learning Swift — Day 223(237)

Finding Inner Peace Following the Swift on Sunday event by Paul Hudson, streamed live on February 3rd 2019. After watching and coding following the video I am now going through the code step by step and seeing what can be learned. So, we started from the storyboard, adding two image views, one pinned to theContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 223(237)”

Learning Swift — Day 222(236)

How to send an email from your app in Swift studying the video by Sean Allen Once more the link brings only to the finished project so I will just have to follow the video. I will highlight the interesting bits. MFMailComposeViewController Summary A standard view controller, whose interface lets the user manage, edit, andContinue reading “Learning Swift — Day 222(236)”

Swift on Sundays – Building a multi-screen Markdown renderer

This is Day66 for me and I will watch the recording from this last Sunday’s Paul stream. I need a bit of rest after that challenge. I will not write too much here, simply a step by step remainder of what was done and why. First steps Fine, I am already stuck at the beginningContinue reading “Swift on Sundays – Building a multi-screen Markdown renderer”