A study on ties! Published!

I am very proud to announce that our first book in the “Sibelius Pro User” series has been published.
This first book takes care of “ties” and their realisation in Sibelius, with a brief comparison with Dorico.
You can fetch at a free preview of the first whole chapter here.  
This first chapter covers the basic output of both Sibelius and Dorico regarding ties and analyses where one software can learn from the other and, most of all, where do they stand quality-wise.
The following chapter takes a deep dive into Sibelius’ output and suggests how the software’s engine may be ameliorated. Insight on how the user can modify the basic output in order to achieve graphical perfection is also covered in great details.
You can reserve your copy on Gumroad and, soon, on the Apple Books Store.
It is published in EPUB format because of the great amount of image galleries contained which, sadly, cannot be rendered in a PDF.
Future updates will be free for everyone who purchases this first version!
Let me know what you think of it and if you feel that anything is missing.
It will be a pleasure to add your contribution and to mention your help.
Thank you!

Published by Michele Galvagno

Professional Musical Scores Designer and Engraver Graduated Classical Musician (cello) and Teacher Tech Enthusiast and Apprentice iOS / macOS Developer Grafico di Partiture Musicali Professionista Musicista classico diplomato (violoncello) ed insegnante Appassionato di tecnologia ed apprendista Sviluppatore iOS / macOS

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